Heart of - SunCoast Chrysalis
FAQ 4 Parents

What is Chrysails?

A Chrysalis weekend is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a three-day short course in Christianity. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God's grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.

What do I do first?
Your first step is to complete the weekend application that your sponsor has given to you. If the participant is under 18, please be sure to get it notarized. When complete, return it to your sponsor, who will submit it to our registrar, Doug Fogh.

Why do I need a sponsor?
The Chrysalis experience begins with the prayerful discernment and invitation from a sponsor. The Chrysalis leaders prayerfully consider each applicant and in God's time, the person is invited to attend a three-day experience of New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle.

How much?
Money is NEVER a reason for a youth not to participate in a Chrysalis weekend. Please email info@heartofsuncoastchrysalis.org and ask about our scholarship program. The cost for the weekend is $130.00. There is no other cost or need for money during the weekend. 

Can parents attend?
We encourage parents and all family members to attend both the send off on Saturday morning, and the closing on Monday evening. Parents do not stay during the weekend.

What should I bring?
Comfortable clothes. No need for any dressing up. Check the weather, be responsible for your appearance - no questionable or revealing clothing. We are here to glorify God, not our bodies.

NO. This weekend is about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is no need for any games, cellphones, laptops, PDA's, net-books, DS's, or other electronic devices. Those simply should stay home. We'll keep you plenty busy! However, as a parent, if you would feel better knowing your child has their cell phone with them, please send it. We will ask them to keep it turned off and in their suitcase during the weekend. Please note that we are not responsible for theft or loss of personal electronics.

How can I reach my teen in an emergency?
When you fill out the on-line application, your emergency contact information will be used in the event of an emergency. When you or your sponsor arrives Saturday, we can provide you with the logistical coordinators contact information in the event you need to connect with your teen. On a side note, we have never had any serious incidents on any weekend. God is Good!

What about school Monday?
Chrysalis is a Saturday through Monday event; your son or daughter will need to miss only one day of school. In the FORMS section, there is a link for a letter to the school that will advise the school when and why the student will be absent. You will also receive a copy of this letter from the registrar when your registration has been confirmed.